Samsung’s latest ISOCELL sensor is world’s first 200MP sensor for smartphones



Samsung has finally unveiled the much rumoured 200MP camera sensor for smartphones. Dubbed as ISOCELL HP1, it is the industry’s first 200MP image sensor with 0.64μm pixels and dynamic pixel binning technology.
In addition to this, the company has also unveiled the ISOCELL GN5 sensor, a slim sensor for smartphones, a first to adopt all-direction focusing Dual Pixel Pro technology with photodiodes in a single 1.0μm pixel.
ISOCELL HP1: Features
The new 200MP ISOCELL HP1 features a native pixel size of 0.64μm and has 1/1.22-inch sensor size. The company claims that the sensor brings ultra high resolution in a compact package that fits easily into modern handheld devices.
The sensor features an all-new ChameleonCell technology, a pixel-binning technology that uses 2×2 or 4×4 or full pixel layout depending on environment lighting. In 2×2, the sensor offers 50MP pixel binned photos with 1.28µm pixels. In 4×4 mode, the sensor offers 12.4MP images with 2.65μm pixel size.
The ISOCELL HP1 can also record 8K resolution videos at 30 frames-per-second (fps) with minimum loss in field of view.
ISOCELL GN5: Features
The ISOCELL GN5, on the other hand, has a 50MP camera sensor. The company claims that it’s also the world’s first 50MP smartphone camera sensor with dual pixel autofocus technology for all-direction autofocusing. The GN5 features 1/1.15-inch sensor with a native pixel size of 1μm. It supports 2×2 pixel binning and delivers 12.5MP images in low-light conditions. The sensor also features Front Deep Trench Isolation (FDTI) technology that claims to absorb as much light as possible inside a pixel and reduces crosstalk for lower noise.
Just like HP1, the GN5 can also capture 8K resolution videos at 30fps. It can also do 4K videos at 120fps.



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