Why a new COVID wave may be toughest for those battling long COVID


Long COVID or post-COVID syndrome, which is said to affect 1 in 5 COVID patients is said to be a condition when a patient continues to battle lingering symptoms related to the viral illness until weeks or months after recovering. While long COVID has been discussed ever since the pandemic first peaked, the rampant rate of devastation and hospitalizations seen during the second wave can leave many many with gripping symptoms, and a deteriorating state of health. For the ones with long COVID, debilitating symptoms could range from shortness of breath, recurring infections, malaise, stress, anxiety, sleep disorders, joint pain, brain fog and a heightened risk of complications. Weaker immunity, too, can be a consequence.

Not only can COVID survivors or the ones battling long COVID have symptoms that implicate their vital health, but newer studies have also in fact suggested that in many cases long COVID symptoms can extend for almost a year’s time, and impact health in a profound manner.


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